Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You are invited... see my wedding invitations!

(I took the info off, natch- I've seen the movie Wedding Crashers!)

It's kind of a goldy-glimmery paper (and believe me, I tried a bunch). I did the edges with some special scrapbooking scissors I got from the art store by my office (Lee's-- expensive, but the same one that Angelina Jolie brings her kids too!) (according to my magazines- I've never seen her).

So, my first foray into stationery was a success! If somewhat time-consuming & frustrating. There's some palpable tension between me & my printer now-- it started printing things askew & electrically shocking me every time I touched it. Hopefully all of my angry mutterings won't seep into the cards & infuse them with negative chi.

I also have some fun updates to share on Bea Rocks the Flock AND my roller derby tryouts (to be held on Saturday!!), but as it's dinnertime now, that will just have to wait!


Lauren Castillo said...

Your wedding invitation is beautiful Vicki! It makes me chuckle because I can see both of your personalities in the birds:-D Great job!

Adam said...

Wow, I've been remiss. These are gawgeous. Really cool.

And I guess I see what you mean about appropos birdness...