Friday, May 22, 2009

Merchandising PASS and FAIL

You may remember from earlier posts about my wedding that my mother has the gift of the craft. Oh what the hey, I'll post this picture again:

Imagine my delight when she turned her crafty eye to Bea Rocks the Flock!

Is that not the cutest thing ever?!?

I was visiting the Jamieson estate this weekend while in town for a friend's wedding, and was welcomed into the house by a veritable shrine to Bea, with the 10 (yes, 10) books they had purchased, surrounded by Bea and her flock. Unfortch, I only had room for Bea in my suitcase.

Now, I will tell you what is indeed NOT the cutest thing ever: my previous attempt at toy merchandising.

Ok, it wasn't an attempt at toy merchandising; I was merely making a model of Motha when I was thinking of writing a story about her, based on this illustration:

The story's been put on hold, but I still like to keep Motha around, usually in her birdcage, to generally creep out my husband/slash/visitors.

If this doens't terrify you, you have a heart of stone.

Sweet dreams.


Anonymous said...

Love your sense of humor, Victoria. If you made Motha into a toy, I'd buy her for my neices and nephews. That's why they call me Auntie Darkness.

Lauren Castillo said...

Your mom's Bea is AWESOME! And so is your Motha, lol, she cracks me up~ You must do that Motha book! Btw, I can't keep from thinking "Motha Stewart" :)

Nina Crittenden said...

Ha Ha Ha! Motha Stewart! That's funny! Your Mom is crafty indeed- I love the Bea! Uh..Motha is a real looker!

Vicki said...

Auntie Darkness and Motha Stewart BOTH sound like good story ideas! Maybe the same story, from what I've heard about Martha!

Tracy said...

That is SOOOO freakin' hilarious! I love that Motha character :)