Monday, May 16, 2011

Ramona dooooodles

My good pal Martha came to Portland this week to speak at the Oregon SCBWI conference. You can tell we are booky because the highlights of our tour included Klickitat Street, the Ramona, Ribsy & Henry statues in Grant Park, Powell's, and the central library. Martha will show you some nice pictures if you head over to the Greenwillow blog. Anyway, our journey into The World of Beverly Cleary inspired some Ramona scribblins!

(that's Picky-picky, the cat. BTW, "Picky-picky" was the answer to one of the questions at the Children's Book Council Trivia Night a few years back. Unfortunately, that answer was not enough to win me a coveted Golden Bunny award).


Lauren Castillo said...

These sketches are great, Vicki! Wonderful energy!

Vicki said...

Thanks, Lauren! Bringing more energy to my work is something I'm actively working on. Get it, actively!?! Ha!