Thursday, June 2, 2011

Draft Day!

Why yes, it is time again for another roller derby post! For those of you keeping tabs, my derby career is coming along. I've talked about my failed tryout attempts in the past- and finally, in January I made the Fresh Meat team! The beauty of derby, however, is there's always a new goal to reach. Next goal: get drafted to a home team. And guess what- today is draft day!
I think these pieces adequately express my feelings about this! I am doggedly determined to get drafted tonight...
... all the while knowing it's a pretty slim chance. I can't talk enough about the benefits derby has given me. It has been great having something really hard & scary to strive for that is completely non-career related. And the lessons of getting knocked down a billion times, and still getting up- and of facing bitter rejection, only to shake it off and try again... there may be SOME VERY SMALL similarities to making a living as a children's book illustrator.

And if you haven't done so already, check out your local roller derby league to see a bout! Chances are there's a team near you- it's the fastest growing sport in the nation!

Ok, and here's a picture of me on the track. That's me, Winnie the Pow!

(Photo courtesy of Timothy Murray. See some more of his Fresh Meat action shots here!)


Abbey said...

I love these drawings - so much personality. Good luck with the draft!

Vicki said...

Thanks, Abbey! And the verdict is... I made it! I'm on the Break Neck Betties- you'll have to come see a bout!

Abbey said...

Congrats! I've never been to one, maybe Susan, Kate and I will make a bout one of our next crit group gatherings!

Vicki said...

Why, you're in luck, because the LAST HOME GAME of the season is next week! Season Championships! June 18th- lemme know if you want tickets, I have some!