Monday, July 1, 2013


Two weeks ago, I had my first book signing for my newest picture book, PEST IN SHOW!

It was held at Green Bean Books, one of my very favorite bookstores in Portland. I mean, look at this little fairy hidey-hole in the backyard!

Can I admit something to you, internet? I was actually TERRIFIED of this book event. I love reading. I love being the center of attention (ha ha). So why was I terrified?? 

Because at this event, I had to...


That's right, PEST IN SHOW is a MUSICAL, so I had to belt a few tunes in front of an audience. Yikes. 

To help take the edge off (and to take some of the spotlight off of my singing), I decided to bring along some musical instruments and some dress-up clothes for the kids to play around with during the reading.

(This is me pre-show. The sunglasses are hiding the terror in my eyes.)

But you know what? Once people started arriving and the reading actually started... it was totally fun! And the singing that I had worried about for an entire week- I was kind of sad when it was over. Maybe I am a diva in disguise.

Toe-tapping fun on the patio.

So, thank you, Green Bean Books, for hosting me once again! And thanks to all who made it out that day!

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