Friday, July 31, 2009

Week in RE-view!

WHEW! Well, our whirlwind trip to the Big Apple is over and done with, and the heat has finally let up enough for me to do something other than whine about how hot it is- so here it is, the week in review!

First up, here's a photo of my agent and editor at our "Getting to Know You" lunch:

And here's a picture from that evening, when my agent and several of his extremely talented, all-around awesome & friendly illustrators got together for drinks:

What, you would like to see those pictures? Well, I would, too! Unfortunately, I am THE WORST when it comes to remembering to pull out the ol' camera when fun times are afoot. That's why I was fired from my high school position as Historian of the Keyettes club.

Some things I DID manage to document:

So, I agonized for several days about what to wear when meeting my agent & editor for the first time. I had to strike that all-important balance of classy, yet creative, but not CRAZY creative, but still sophisticated, and something that wouldn't show sweat stains on a summer day in New York. Not easy, when one's wardrobe is limited, to say the least. This is what I came up with. See, Mom- I think it's dressy enough.

Oddly enough, I also remembered to take some pictures at the wedding we were in town for! Aren't they a beautiful couple? Congrats, Max & Sophia!

It seemed like every time I turned around, I saw the Statue of Liberty. I don't remember seeing it that often when I lived in New York. When we were kids, my mom had us sell lemonade, and then we sent the proceeds to the Statue of Liberty (I guess they were refinishing it sometime in the 1980s?)- and I still feel a special kinship, like I have a tiny bit of ownership. Like, 75 cents worth. BTW, I thought of a great idea this morning- Statue of Liberty-shaped toothbrush! Fame and fortune, here I come!

Oh, and these are some paintings I did last week, as a wedding present to our dear friends Nicole & Keith. No, not the couple who got married this weekend- N & K actually got married a year ago. I like to make people sweat it out for their wedding gifts. Anyway, I finally gave them their pressies this week: (click for larger view)

Portraits of their dogs, Otto & Gilda Rednor. I think Otto came out much better, but I guess it's not like Gilda will really see the difference. Here they are in their framed glory:

And there you have it! A fun week of friends old and new- but I'm happy to be back in PDX, nose to the ol' drawing board.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday supplement

Extra! Extra!

A nice review of BEA ROCKS THE FLOCK from the lovely & funny Three Silly Chicks. Wing on over to their coop & "chick" it out!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Week in Preview!

The hubsters and I are heading out of town this week for a cosmopolitan & chic trip to NYC! Since I don't want to leave anyone in a lurch ("Lordy, don't leave your lady in a lurch!") (Strangers With Candy fans, anyone?... Anyone?)- and since I don't know how to do this "remote-auto pilot-blog publishing" thing (do I look like Steve Jobs to you?) here is what I'm going to do. I'm going to break this post into Daily Doses, and it's up to you to restrain yourselves & only read a post a day. It's a Daily Dose, not a Daily Double! Then you won't have to go without for the week! 


Big news today folks, BIG NEWS! Big, FANTASTIC news!
I have a new book deal!!! My new picture book will be published by Dial! Oh, happy, happy day! I am over the moon with excitement, as I have always loved Dial's picture books. My trip to New York couldn't come at a better time, as I'll get to meet both my agent and my editor for the first time! Plus, how chic does that sound?!? I'm jetting to New York to meet with my agent and editor. Shopping at Bergdorfs? Dahling, I would LOVE to, but I do have to dash to lunch with my agent and editor. More to come on this news, for sure!!!


Um, yesterday was kind of a big news day for Victoria Jamieson Illustration. I think it should count for 2 days. I mean, my last 2 posts were about 1) my US Weekly subscription, and 2) the books I took out of the library. 


Funny story about the word "Wednesday"- I never misspell it now. I consider myself a fairly good speller, but for some reason I used to think it was spelled "Wednsday". So sure was I that I spelled it that way in my "thank you" email following my interview at HarperCollins many years ago. Boy, was I kicking myself all weekend, thinking I really blew my chances at my dream job! Luckily, I guess they didn't consider spelling to be all that important for a design job. *WEWH* (*see, I tried to misspell "whew" there).


Do you live in the greater Tampa/St. Petersburg area? Are you looking for a fun, imaginative party for your child? Look no further!

Joanne is a dear family friend, and I did these illustrations for her new business brochure. Storytelling at its finest!


Boy, this week just took forever, didn't it! 

Well, even though I have one new picture book in the bag, so to speak, this is not a profession wherein one can rest on their laurels. I am working up ideas for my new NEW picture book as we speak. I'm in the "inspiration" stage, and am reaching such new levels of nerdliness in my research that even I feel uncomfortable talking about it. Like, REALLLLY nerdy. Here are some of the tools of my current inspiration:

What in the WORLD? (Remember that feature from WORLD magazine?) Well, I'll won't spill the geek beans now, but later for sure.


This is exhausting. Why not watch this video starring a pug and my new city of Portland, Oregon? (Of course I don't know how to imbed videos into my blog! Do I look like Bill Gates to you?)


I think we've all earned ourselves a rest. I know it's my "I don't have to run day". See ya'll next Manic Monday!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Read All About It!

Thanks to a tip-off from a friend and former colleague, I've added a "Subscribe" button over there yonder to the right of my blog. Not nearly as exciting as the year I had a subscription to US Weekly, but still. That was a really great year. 

BTW, this "friend and former colleague", Chad Beckerman, is a highly talented book designer and art director- yet another of those colleagues that made me re-think my vocation! Check out his blog for a nice insight into the daily life of an art director.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Weekend in Library Books

You know you're a nerd if... You return home at 11 am on a Saturday with 3 library books, a DVD about insects & a package of Red Vines and think to yourself, "This weekend is going to be AWESOME". Oh, and it was. Here's what I got:

a) This is the first book in a long while that got me right from the cover. I dunno, it just tickled me! Besides the clever yearbook format, I like that the model has a funny expression, and that she's pretty but not in an overly model-y kind of way.

b) Back when I worked at Greenwillow, it was open season when a new Last Apprentice manuscript came in. The ol' Xerox machine worked overtime those days, with everyone wanting their own copy. And I should know, my "office" was right next to the Xerox machines.
Anyhoo, somehow I missed this ms, but now I get to read it with illustrations! A rare treat.

But I haven't read either of those books yet, because I was too excited about this:

I LOVE THESE BOOKS. They are poetic, beautifully written, and fantastic adventure stories. If you attended Herm's & my engagement party, by any chance, you'll know from our Newlyweds-type quiz show that I want to name our first daughter Sapphire because of these books. Then you probably shouted at me, "That's a stripper name!", because that's what everyone seems to say. Well guess what, "Vicki" doesn't exactly scream "classy" at first blush either, but I made it work for me.

Moving on, I was first attracted to this series by the cover for Book 1:

This is a HarperCollins title, and I remember discussing this jacket back before it was a book (before my days at Greenwillow, too). By "discussing", I mean, OTHER people were discussing, while I was taking horribly unorganized "notes". This jacket was designed by Chris Stengel (now at Scholastic), and it struck me then that some people are passable and can function in their role as book designer (me), and some people elevate the profession into a true calling and an art (Chris). (and others). (too numerous to mention). 

Oh, and here's book 2. Also, the second book in the series is just as good (if not better?) than the first. I've been almost scared to read book 3, I love the first two so... but so far, so good!

Anyway, that was my weekend, in a nerdshell. How was yours?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend Edition Sketch

(click for larger view)

I've been ever-so-slightly obsessed with insects recently. They're just so WEIRD! For example, on my aforementioned roadtrip with the 'rents, my mom & I exited the car at one point to take some pictures of Mt. Hood. Whilst hangin' on the roadside, my mom poked her finger at something that looked to be fuzzy, but turned out to be wet & slimy. We both thought it looked like trucker spit, but it was far too abundant to be the work of just one trucker, however talented. After conducting some research I now know the truth: it was a spittle bug. At first I was relieved to learn it was not human spit we touched, but not for long. The spittle bug gets its name from the bubbly foam surrounding it, which is not saliva, but urine & other bodily secretions which it whips into a foam with its legs and abdomen. Apparently it's a defense mechanism, because even other bugs don't want to go pawing through that stuff. See what I mean? You can't make this stuff up.