Tuesday, January 29, 2008

All Together Now!

I've been a reader of the Blue Rose Girls blog for a while now, and I always really enjoy when member Anna Alter posts a collective photo of all of her paintings for a recently completed book (like this posting here). And I thought, By Golly, I'm going to do that when I am done with my book! And so I did.

It's so fun to see all of your work together! And rewarding. As someone who writes things on her to-do list that I've ALREADY DONE, just to have the satisfaction of crossing them off, seeing my work all together pleases me.

Someone who is NOT pleased, obviously, is Sharon. Look at that she-devil glow in her eye! Just because her own career as a concert pianist fizzled out (it's a long story), she is intent on sabotaging my career. Just how does she think I pay for her precious Kibbles?!?

My drawing table in its "haven't seen signs of a Windex bottle in months" state, to...

...shiny, clean, and ready to start the next project! And Sharon, apparently, is ready for her closeup.

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