Thursday, May 15, 2008

Me as a Teenager

There's a fantastic "meme" (I hate that word) floating around, and a bunch of illustrators have drawn themselves as teenagers. You can see the complete list of entries here- it is waaaaaay too much fun!

Here's my entry:

(click for a bigger view).

Many of the other contributing illustrators seemed to be geeky in the Kool-Aid dyed hair, Doc Marten & choker-wearing sense. I was geeky more in the "cried-because-I-got-a-B-in-French class" sort of way. My friend Anne will be more than happy to tell you that story. (BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Anne!)


Al said...

Boxers as shorts?!! Ha! times change eh?!

That's really lovely though!

Vicki said...

Times change? What do you mean? I'm still wearing boxers as shorts.


(Wayne's World was also very big during that awkward 15th year of my life)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this! Took a gander at some of the others, and yours is by far the most dramatic and interesting. I'll have to try this myself sometime, except I'll have to go back further than 15 to emphasize any real progress in my style!

Adam said...

I was once told by another children's book designer that black on black on black was an official design department uniform. :)

Neat blog; I'll be sure to wish you a Happy Scrapple Day next year.

(note to self...)

Vicki said...

Thanks, Christina & Adam!

Mmmmm, scrapple. I was wondering recently (as I often do), if anyone had ever thought to make a Scrappleburger (a la a bacon cheeseburger) and lo, someone has. AND it comes with Scrapple fries. If you need more inspiration for next Scrapple day, check out the recipes & photos from Scrapplefest:

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