Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lastest piece

It's been a while since my last post, but I've been doing things besides sitting around and not posting! Here's a sample I finished last night-- still not sure if I'm entirely happy with it.

Another thing I've been doing is preparing my talk I'm giving this weekend at the Mid-Hudson Valley SCBWI conference this weekend! More on that TK. If anyone can tell me why "TK" stands for "To Come", I'll give you a candy bar. (All of our deals and bets as kids were sealed with a candy bar. I also remember having candy bar eating contests in the back seat of the car with my brothers, to see who could finish off their 3 Musketeers bar first. I wonder how that would fly in this post-Cookie Monster era.)


Al said...

Hey! What's that big pink stripy-tailed thing? That's wonderful!! Does it have a name?!

Do you mind if I ask what you get in a 3 Musketeers bar? That sounds ace!

Kristi Valiant said...

Hi Victoria,

The jumping girl is cute and I love the expression on the cat's face.

Candy bars: Every summer when I was little, we would go camping with my cousins, and my Uncle Dave would dare us each to run into the lake when the water was still cold first thing in the morning. The prize - a candy bar of course (great breakfast, huh?). For a candy bar, it was worth it. I've read that TK is short for "tokum," which is the intentional misspelling of "to come."

I read The Golly-whopper Games a couple weeks ago and couldn't put it down. I read the whole book in one sitting. If I wrote middle-grade novels, this is the exact kind of book I would write. It must have been a blast to illustrate!

Have fun at your conference.

Vicki said...

Kristi, I love your candy bar story! Good thing your uncle had you swim BEFORE the candy bar, otherwise that would upset the other great decree of my childhood: No swimming for 1/2 hour after eating.

Al, I hate to break it to you, but the 3 Musketeers does not live up to its name, numerically or in terms of adventure and excitement. It's pretty much the most boring candy bar around, with 2 ingredients: chocolate and nougat. Yet I prefered them to the more exotic Milky Way bar, because they were bigger. Why was I not an obese child?!?!

Al said...

Only 2 ingredients?!? Piffle. They know how to ruin a good name! How funny!

Adam said...

Thanks you for unveiling the mystery of "TK". I've been wondering what it actually stood for for about ten years now, but was too embarrassed to ask.

Lovely stuff, too!