Monday, June 30, 2008

Flock and Roll!

Devoted readers of this blog (Dad) might recall a post from back in January, in which I painted a rose-colored view of my future, with many happy months before me painting the scenes for Bea Rocks the Flock (my forthcoming picture book with Bloomsbury), with final art due June 1. Devoted readers of calendars might realize that this date has come and gone. However! I am very happy to report that Bea will still Rock the Flock, and still with a Summer 09 pub date, to boot! The new due date will be mid-September, meaning that I will be spending my summer months exactly as I would like to: in the sweltering confines of my non-airconditioned 4th-floor painting studio. I kid! Sweaty or no, this is exactly how I'd like to spend my summer.

Above is the jacket sketch I recently sent in. The interior paintings are rolling out fast and furious, and I will keep a running commentary on this blog. Without, of course, betraying the Harry Potter-like secrecy that is surrounding this book.

Back to the sweaty drawing board!


Al said...

The sheep look great! That's so exciting, well done!!

Vicki said...

Thanks!!! Or should I say, "Thank Ewe" (I've got a bunch of sheep puns piled up now).

Adam said...

Woo hoo! Congratulations.

You should really pick up a bottle of this to celebrate.

I hear it goes well with scrapple.

Vicki said...

Whoa, that link took me completely unawares! I think I laughed for a good minute over that, and I have seen my fair share of sheep paraphenalia. *whew*! Thanks for that!

Anonymous said...