Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Surprisingly Literary Weekend

Who'd a thunk that by trying to escape NYC with a weekend jaunt to Quakertown, Pennsylvania, I would stumble upon a piece of literary history? Well, evidently our hosts Nicole and Keith had thunk it, because they had told me (and I forgot) that the farm we were going to visit was once the home of Eric Knight, author of Lassie Come Home. Not only was it his home, it was actually the location where he wrote this book! AND, the real-life inspiration for Lassie (Toots) is buried here.

Otto was appropriately respectful at this shrine of doghood.

The farm was beautiful (Keith used to work here, so don't worry- we're not trespassing on private property without permission), and unbelievably quiet and peaceful.

Well, mostly peaceful...

... and it got me wishing most heartlily to be a matronly old children's book author, writing picture stories in my attic studio, tending my chickens and eating farm-fresh eggs all the live-long day.

Maybe someday...

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