Monday, July 28, 2008

Down and Derby

I've mentioned before my love of Roller Derby, my desire to one day be a Rollergirl, and my interest in finding myself a kickin' roller derby name in the meantime. And not just ANY kickin' roller derby name—one that has to do with children's literature, and yet is still tough as nails. Well, my fascination was renewed at a Gotham Girls Roller Derby bout on Saturday night, where not one, but TWO members of the Bronx Gridlock had kidlit-inspired names. I can't believe I never thought of these:

Beatrix Slaughter


Lemony Kickit

And referee, Professor Rumbledore.

Pretty awesome. There was also Dainty Inferno, for plain ol' literature appeal.

So to sum up, here are the names I've come up with so far:

#1: J.K. Brawling (the most popular choice, according to my research, but I'm still not 100% sold)

#2: Mo Pain Willems

#3: Margaret Wiseacre Brown

#4: Sally St. Payne

#5: Violet Rockingham (these last 2 were actually suggested by illustrator Christina Rodriguez, and I'm still not exactly sure who they reference! I gots to do some kidlit research).

If you have any suggestions, please let me know!!


Anonymous said...

You left out our referee, Professor Rumbledore!

Glad you had fun at the game this weekend. Keep showing your face and look out for an announcement about tryouts later in the fall! And check out the International Rollergirls' Master Roster for other great names.

-Lady Refstrike (whose name is a play on an X-Men villainess -- comic books are literary!)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately my suggestions weren't inspired by existing children's literature (I read the instructions wrong), I just thought they sounded like cool names for a brawling children's literature character! I'm glad you liked them, though!

Beatrix Slaughter is dreamy.

Anonymous said...

Lemony Kickit is a friend of mine!

I would just shorten it to Mo Killems personally :-P

Francoise Mauly?

I am trying to think of a pun on Richard Scarry since Scary is too freaking obvious.

Anonymous said...

And as soon as I posted that, I thought of more Mo Willems names :-P


Oooh, and there's always Pain Smith.

Hitman M. Martin?

Vicki said...

Ooh, I cannot believe I left out Professor Rumbledore!! I was sitting right behind him for much of the bout! I'll add him to the original post.

Thanks so much for all of the suggestions! I LOVE Knucklebunny!! Genius! I also hadn't thought about the comic book angle before-- this opens up worlds of possibilities...

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