Thursday, March 6, 2008

This has to something to do with kids' books, I promise!

So, I became a little obsessed with the sport of Roller Derby some time ago, when I read this YA novel:

My fiance then fed my addiction by giving me this book for Christmas (which I've read about 3 times since then):

So, I was of course very excited to attend a screening last night ("attending a screening" sounds much more impressive than "going to a movie", doesn't it?) of the documentary "Hell on Wheels", complete with Q&A with the filmmakers and the Gotham Girls Roller Derby members. Pretty awesome. Anyway, I do plan on making this dream a reality... Look, I've got the skates already:

I just need the time to start practicing (in other words, June, when Bea is finished). In the meantime, I've been entertaining myself by trying to come up with kids book-related derby names! Here are the ones I've come up with:

#1: J.K. Brawling

or alternatively: J.K. Rolling (although, I prefer the fighter aspect of the first, I think)

#2: Margaret Wiseacre Brawn (but a bit too long, and a bit of a stretch)

#3: Georgia O'Teeth (I'd also be willing to go the artist route- although this name doesn't actually make any sense. It just tickles me somehow).

Any other suggestions?!??


Anonymous said...

#4: Sally St. Payne
#5: Violet Rockingham
??? Sorry if these are no good!

There is something so gritty and hardcore about those Rollergirls! Definitely NOT chicks I'd try to corner in a dark alley! A book about them would be a great way to reach tomboys and let little girls know that it's okay to be scrappy and tough. If I could skate and remain vertical at the same time, I'd love to skate with you!

Vicki said...

Wait- are those children's book writers that I can't recognize?!? That's the problem with kids' book celebrities- they're not so very famous outside of that circle. I bet even "Mo Pain Willems" would draw a lot of blank stares around the rink.

Hey, maybe I'll bring my skates to Minnesota in the fall! There are quite a few months to practice between now & then...!

The Beast of All Notions said...

What about "Mugger's Paradise"?