Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Happy Days in the Studio

...and I don't mean that The Fonz is now preparing my paper! No, I'm happy for 2 reasons (at least, the 2 I will illuminate here)-

Number 1:

Today is the official release date of The Gollywhopper Games! Congratulations, Jody! Sure, it's not exactly my book, but it's fun to see my illustrations (and, ok, my name) in print.

And reason number 2: I recently bought all of my paper for Bea Rocks the Flock. Ok, it's kinda nerdalicious, but I like to hold all of this blank paper in my hand and know that in a few months' time, it will contain all of the artwork for my book. I also like to hold all of this paper & think, "This is 90 dollars worth of paper in my hand!" That amount of money could buy me a lot of Bit O'Honey.


Theresa said...

Yo, have you noticed the price of paper has sky rocketed in the last few months. I paid $15 for one sheet of 22"X30" watercolor paper the other day. Can you believe it?! A piece of paper.

Vicki said...

I know, riiiiiiigghht? It really makes me hope I don't screw up.