Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fiction Vs. Fact

I don't know about you, but around the office we've been prett-ty excited about a new television programme, The Return of Jezebel James. The show stars Parker Posey as... An editor at HarperCollins Children's Books! It's pretty funny to have a show set EXACTLY where you work. Now, I should mention I have yet to see the show, but looking it up online it's funny to see how Parker Posey's career at HarperCollins differs from mine.

Parker Posey's office:

My "office":

Admittedly, I am not all that high up on the HarperCollins totem pole, and many of the higher-level editors have nice offices and "windows" and whatnot. Still.

Ok- moving on- I can only assume that this is Parker Posey's fab apartment:

...on an editor's salary- Ok, ok.

Now here is an ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPH, I swear, of a sign in the lobby of my apartment building:

This is not a sign from the bus terminal, or outside of a rough-and-tumble bar- it's the building I LIVE in. Ah, this sign always gives me a great chuckle, and is a favorite stop on the "tour of the neighborhood" for visitors to our home. (the "Learn gramer!" admonishment is a new addition).

Ok, and just 2 other things I found funny on the Jezebel James/Fox website:

Uh, oh- looks like maybe a wacky author and/or illustrator comes to visit!


I gotta start charging when I let my friends up to use the bathroom or store their luggage in my "office" for the day!


Anonymous said...

Oh God, this post is HILARIOUS. I'm sharing it with folks, if you don't mind! Your apartment building's sign made me laugh out loud.

Vicki said...

Sure, please feel free to share it... Thanks!

Al said...

Ha! That show looks brilliant - hopefully it'll crop up on UK television at some point so we can all poke fun at the day the crazy illustrator pops by!

Did you watch it - was it any good? I do love Parker Posey, however.

Al said...

of course, i should have said, 'will it be any good...'

doh! I should read better

Shinykatie said...

Ha! I love stuff like this. It took me ages to get over my initial resistance to Sex and the City because I'm a journalist and I used to just spend the whole time shouting "What? So she writes two columns a week and she can afford to spend the rest of the time buying Manolo Blahniks?!" And variations on that theme.

But since I love Parker Posey, and I've managed to overcome my resistance to Sex and the City, I'm sure I'll love this as much as SATC if it ever reaches the UK.

Vicki said...

Al, Katie... I hate to be the one to break it to you, but... Well, maybe you'll just want to read my next blog entry- I'm a little too choked up to write about it again. I'm afraid that the 2 episodes that actually aired might never make it to DVD.

Adam said...

I'm a little late perusing this one (RIP Jezebel James?), but wow, THAT is a lobby sign.

What's weird is that I have the same one in my basement...