Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Mom's the greatest!

Alright, I'm writing ANOTHER post about the wedding, but look at the picture my mom sent this morning:

Tell me that's not the cutest thing ever! I think my mom needs to open an Etsy shop. She's an artist herself (a fantastic photographer), and her handiness and creativity is, I believe, the main reason I became an illustrator. Not only did we always have art supplies around the house that we could use (EXCEPT, of course, for the sacred orange-handled scissors!)- but seeing her always making and creating is certainly what led me to a creative life.

On another marriage subject, here's a question that I've wondered about for many professional women about to get hitched: What did you do/intend to do about the name change? I'm planning on (and I think perhaps lots of women do this?) taking my new husband's name, but keeping Jamieson as my professional nom de plume. Since my website, email, postcards- let alone my books- all use Jamieson. And I don't know about you, but I always get confused by, say, Jamie Lynne DiScala (Sigler?), or Courtney Cox-Arquette.


Jessica Freeburg said...

Adorable!! Enjoy your final week before your big day! :)

Anonymous said...

Those birdies are SO ADORABLE. If you have kids at your wedding, they could easily be kept on their best behavior if promised a pair of these as a reward. I LOVE them.

When I got married, I kept my name for professional and personal reasons. It is the most obvious connection I have to my proud Mexican heritage, and I had established my illustration career with it years ago.

The occasional problems I encounter from this thankfully do not from our families (some women get hell from their in-laws if they don't take the family's name). Instead, they come from the racial assumptions made by ignorant people I encounter on an everday basis. Some completely obvilious people say some really horrible things.

This unfortunately is something I've dealt with my whole life as a multicultural person, but it's still annoying that to maintain my professional name and show pride in my heritage, I have to sacrifice the ease that would've come if I'd taken my husband's Caucasian last name.

I don't mean to be Debbie Downer on your blog, Victoria! This is a big issue for some folks, is all. Have a great time in the final prep for your wedding and be sure to post pictures for all your fans in Minnesota!

Nina Crittenden said...

The wee birdies are darling! The new last name thing is confusing, indeed! I kept my maiden name, Victor, as my middle name, when I married... but that was kind of easy as I never had a middle name. Do what makes you happy! Consider blending your current last name with your potential new last name: Jaim-enheimer or Peterson-son :)

Vicki said...

Thanks for all the interesting feedback on the name-change subject. I find it fascinating to see what my friends plan to do with the name change issue, now that we're getting to that ripe ol' marrying age. I find that maybe almost half keep their maiden name. I'm planning on doing what you did, Nina, and keep Jamieson as my middle/professional name. Luckily my new last name is also a J, so I can keep that closet full of monogrammed towels and bathrobes.

tiger said...