Monday, June 29, 2009

The Art of Self Promotion, otherwise known as Ugghghhhh

Dear readers, I'll admit it: I have been avoiding self-promotion like the plague. Now, Bloomsbury has a top-notch marketing team and they've done a terrific job so far. However, most authors I know put in a lot of legwork on their own, too. So far, I've left the extracurricular marketing to my personal PR team, aka, Mom and Dad. (BTW, Mom, did Oprah's people ever call back?) I KNOW that one has to be brave and present oneself to local bookstores and libraries- but I've been putting it off... and off... and off. Until I realized what was holding me back: 

Lack of a good crutch! I'll just do what I always do in times of trouble- let my drawings do the talking! Somehow I feel much more at ease with something I can hand out to folks as I meet them. Plus, why not put those graphic design skills to good use?!

This is the week, I can feel it! I'll print these puppies out, and then I head... Into the Wild.


Nina Crittenden said...

Looks great, Vicki!
OMG- you added me to your blog list! THANKS! You. Are. SO. Cool!

Vicki said...

YOU. are. so. cool. Ha. HA!