Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This is TOO about children's literature!

So guess where I just so happened to stop on my road trip with the parentals last week?

You got it...  (fictional) Forks! Aka, St. Helens, Oregon.
Here's me intruding on someone's private property. Oh, don't worry- there was a sign saying it was OK to take pictures. I am doing the "Bella Scowl", in case you are wondering.

Was this where they bought their prom dresses? Hard to tell, with the magic of Hollywood. I am doing the Bella Scowl again.

And inexplicably, recreating the famous "alleyway scene" is the one where I'm laughing! Keep this one for the blooper reel!

My husband is now legally bound to take silly photos with me.

And just to prove I'm not a literary snob:

One-eyed Willie! Or, I guess I could still be a fictional character (Where's Waldo).

I can tell it was a good vacation, because now I am a-itchin' to get back to sketching & painting!


Nina Crittenden said...

You have a keen eye for film re-enactment! I love the scene with the van- SUCH drama!
(Did you find any rich stuff??)

SC said...

Oh man, this is too awesome. But who is One-Eyed Willie?

And thanks for adding L'Editrice to your blog roll. I wanted to add you and Martha's blogs, but apparently since I chose a "custom format" I couldn't have a blog roll. : ( I'll have to get my IT guy on that, stat.

Vicki said...

Don't tell me you've never seen The Goonies?!?

SC said...

Umm, I've never been able to watch the whole thing. It was boring to me. Sorry.