Monday, August 10, 2009

Daytime Ravings of a Possible Lunatic

Friends- I do not like to hide anything from you. And thus, I am presenting a glimpse into my creative process for my current project, despite the fact that I'm pretty sure it will make me look like a raging lunatic. Like, in movies when a sexy investigative team breaks into the apartment of the suspected killer and they find all sorts of crazy newspaper clippings papering the walls, the floor covered with photos of eyeballs cut from fashion magazines, and books with every 43rd word circled in red. 

First up, when the saucy female investigator looks through the pictures on my camera, she'll find that I like to photograph scenes from movies that I watch on my computer:

(ahh, the incomparable Julie Andrews! Did I ever tell you the story about when I saw her in the lobby of HarperCollins- she looked like an angel- and when I went upstairs & told my boss, I started to cry? Remind me to tell you sometime- it's a classic.)

As the detective-ess is trying to puzzle out the connection between Julie Andrews, A Chorus Line, and random photos from Broadway documentaries, her thoughts are interrupted by the deep rumble of her partner's voice.

"Suzie", he growls, "You'd better come take a look at this". 

"Pages and pages of insect drawings... notebooks filled with incomprehensible scribblings... and most troubling of all, this toy stage and creepy make-shift bug models. We're either dealing with a highly unstable character, or..."

... and then they'll turn around to see that I'm actually sitting in the living room, since I don't like to leave the apartment all that much when I'm at this stage. They'll take one look at my funny headband, my shabby housecoat & the bowl of cereal clutched in my hand, and they'll high-tail it out of there... and leave me to my musings.


Nina Crittenden said...

Hey- no one ever said shut-ins weren't creative! :)
We are drawn to your blog like mosquitos to the bug zapper!

Paul said...

Crazy, I think not. You're just losing yourself in good in depth research. Great to see you in New York. I thought for sure someone took some pictures. Guess my memory is a little fuzzy.



Vicki said...

Thanks for the 2 "not crazy" votes! Well, 1.5- I don't know if "creative shut-in" counts as "not crazy".

And oddly enough, Paul- my memory of that evening is a little fuzzy, too! I wonder how that happened...

Nina Crittenden said...

Creative shut-in's are totally NOT CRAZY! Excitement over a project is the coolest!