Friday, September 25, 2009


My flying trapeze spider illustration is DONE!

(click for larger view)

*Whew*!! That took longer than I'm used to, but I really wanted to create a lush yet detailed environment. And now it's DONE! To reward myself for all of my hard work, I am planning on relaxing this weekend with Xanadu (rented from the library), re-reading CATCHING FIRE (bought from Powell's because I got tired of waiting for my copy from the library. TEAM GALE!), and by finally making the bird furniture for my birdcage like I've wanted to do forever. Hey, I work hard- I deserve it!

Happy weekend!


Nina Crittenden said...

Lush: Check!
Detailed: Check!
Awesome: CHECK!!!
Hope you had fun relaxing this weekend!

Lauren Castillo said...

Wow this looks GREAT Vicky! Congratulations on yet another dummy and sample completed--you're on a roll girl!!! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a great deal at a great house :)

Lauren Castillo said...

p.s. are those spider pics in your previous post really real?!? That first one cracks. me. up. Now whenever I encounter a spider I will see it smiling at me~

Anonymous said...

This turned out great, Victoria! Kudos to you!

SC said...

Love your spider! (Ooh, and your friend Christina's haircut. : P) I am very intrigued by this bird furniture--you must post photos.

Vicki said...

Thanks, everybody!