Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's that time of year!

...when the air is brisk, the leaves are changing, and a girl's thoughts turn to Roller Derby. You may remember this post and this one from year past, in which I talked about my love of roller derby and my ill-fated attempt to try out for the Gotham Girls. WELL, just imagine this- Portland has a recreational (wreck-reational) league! And I have gone to two practices and have not broken a bone! And what's more- recreational players get to choose a roller derby name! That means- yes- for real this time... I need a kid's book-themed roller derby name!! Please help! Let me know which one you like, or if you have other suggestions! Here's what I came up with so far:

Anne Surly
Marilla Cutthroat
Violent Baudelaire
Kat Hiss Everdeen
Mo Pain Willems 
Knuckle Bunny
Scout Flinch
Boo Boo Radley
Edward Sullen

Greenwillow Category:
Ida B Sting

The following excellent suggestions are all courtesy of my friend Julia and her boyfriend Tristan:

Encyclopedia Frown
Green Eggs and Wham
Splat the Bunny
Pippi Longstalking
Madeleine M'Angle
Sarah, Pain and Brawl
Ramona the Grave
Nancy Screw (and the mystery of the missing tooth?)
Rohald Doll
Judy Doom

***MORE suggestions!

Goodnight Goon (a twofer- thanks, Nina!)

And these great ideas from Betsy Bird over at Fuse #8:

The Skivving Tree
Millions of Cuts
Blue Bruises for Sal
Kicka Kicka Boom Boom
Strega Paina

What do you think???


Kristi Valiant said...

How fun! I think Knuckle Bunny is my fave.

Nina Crittenden said...

I laughed!!! Ok, I also love Knuckle Bunny. Green Eggs and Wham is catchy and has universal appeal. So many great choices. Goodnight Goon was the only one I came up with... do tell us what you decide to go with!

matt said...

Hmmm. Knuckle Bunny and Boo Boo Radley are strong choices, but i like the subtlety of Anne Surly. Tough call.

Just don't bust your drawin' arm.

Anonymous said...

Knuckle Bunny or Makillda!

Paul Hoppe said...

Haaa Knuckle Bunny! You're the Drew Barrymore of children's books!

Vicki said...

Knuckle Bunny is one of my top choices... just think of the cute outfit! Plus, my number could be "Too". For some reason, Sarah, Pain & Brawl really makes me chuckle too...

Nina, I totally just thought of your "Goodnight Loon" illustration! And don't worry- I always try to fall on my left side. It seems like there should be a name to be found in "Drew" Barry "more", too- but I'm stumped. I'm trying to make everything into a roller derby name these days.

Sara Pain & Brawl said...

I see this strink of posts is from late last year, but I was wondering what name you finally chose. I have been playing Roller Derby with The Kansas City Roller Warriors for 4 years now skating under the name "Sara Pain & Brawl". My husband made it up because he always refers to me as Sarah Plain & Tall when describing me (even though my real name is Noelle). I dropped the H because one less letter on a jersey is a good thing. My neice was recently in town for a bout and she googled my skater and came across this page. There is a protocol for picking names so that you don't use a name someone already has. There is an official website with all registered names that you can check out. I think there are some Drew Barrymore referenced names. If your league has not already registered their names they should do so. This way they can be sure that no one else uses them.

Hope derby is treating you well.

Vicki said...

Hi SPB! I don't *officially* get my name for about another 6 months... but I'm leaning towards Knuckle Bunny, which I haven't seen on the registry (fingers crossed!). I do love Sara Pain & Brawl, though, good choice! The recreational league is part of Rose City Rollers, so they follow all the protocol for derby names! :) Happy derby-ing to you, too!