Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Santa Photoshop SCANDAL!!!

As a woman, I am very strongly opposed to the photoshopping of already too-thin models that takes place every day in our fashion magazines. AND YET! I am now part of that industry as well! (the photoshopping, not the modeling. Mr. Lagerfeld, PLEASE stop knocking down my door). BEHOLD, my latest work:
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I did this illustration for the fantastic New York Road Runners Foundation, which supports after-school running programs in NYC and around the country (they're a blast to volunteer for, if you like to run & live in the NYC area). BUT! Santa was deemed too hefty, so I pretended I was working for Ralph Lauren and slimmed him down:

SCANDAL!! Just imagine the conflicted feelings of young Santas everywhere, not reaching for that extra cookie... Ha, ha- I kid, of course- I can totally see the problems with a corpulent running Santa. Where are the rewards for all of that healthy excercise? I also realized that I haven't drawn Santa Claus in 18-odd years?!? I used to draw him and Rudolph A LOT. And unicorns.

Here's one more I did:

Fun! Oh, and in case you haven't seen it, re: my last post about Roller Derby names, Betsy Bird at Fuse #8 has a list of names going and THEY. ARE. AWESOME. I'm into the ALL CAPS tonight.


Anonymous said...

Two things come to mind after reading this post:

1) I was once told by a publisher to give an adult Latina character a fuller, curvier form (a "duh" moment for me considering the proud body type of most Latinas).


2) Once in high school I drew a crying kid on Santa's lap for the holiday issue of my school paper, and they had me Photoshop a seam on Santa's leg because it looked like he wasn't wearing any pants.

Vicki said...

Ha ha, I LOVE that Santa story! Oops, looks like I'm still into the ALL CAPS.

Carina said...

Well, you know how I feel about corpulence, so I appreciate the Santa slim-down.

Nina Crittenden said...

Seems like a successful "Before and After" feature for St. Nick... chock full o' cuteness!

Sharon Wagner said...

Is it shameful for Santa to be slim? Surely Santa will seek out lots of snacks on Christmas eve.