Friday, February 15, 2008

More from The Vault

Here are some more pieces from my "Australia Period". Both were part of a project for school that I was doing in connection with the Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales.

This was for the Hyde Park Barracks Museum (part of the HHT). The museum was the barracks (go figure) for some of the early convicts in Australia. Apparently, rats played a big role in conserving many of the artifacts from the barracks. They would take buttons, combs, etc, from the barracks & place them in their hidey-holes- and thus provided a great boon to archaelogists later on.

On a side note, the museum had a kids' educational program called "Convict Sleepover", where you could SPEND THE NIGHT at the museum, livin' life like a convict. AWESOME. And I thought I was hard core when I spent the night at the Franklin Institute with my Brownie troop as a kid.

And this was the cover for an activity book for Elizabeth Bay House. The view from that house was BEAUTIFUL, let me tell you.

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