Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sheep Evolution

You know how it's really weird when you see Season 1 episodes of The Simpsons, or images of "Mortimer" Mouse before he blossomed into "Mickey"? You know they're the same characters, but there's something just sliiiiiightly different and odd about them. That's the same feeling I got when I dug up some old sheep paintings that I did back in Australia (see previous post about how this interest began).

Here's maybe the first known depiction of Bea:

Slightly prim, purse-carrying oldish lady. I was thinking of her in a Miss Marple-ish kind of way.

Fast forward to 2008!
She's hip! She's energetic! She's eating pretzels like there's no tomorrow!

Just for good measure, here are 2 more sheep drawings from back in the day. I did them both for a project I was working on for school, for the Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales. The dismembered sheep is meant to be an activity sheet for kids.

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