Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I DO have a day job, you know!

And it's a pretty great one, at that. Especially at times like this, when I learn that Greenwillow has had five books accepted into the Original Art Show at the Society of Illustrators!

For two of these titles, I had the great pleasure of working as the designer. The Umbrella Queen was illustrated by the talented and oh-so-nice Taeeun Yoo. She also won the Founder's Award at the show last year! Talent.

I also worked on The Pet Dragon, by the also supremely talented and oh-so-nice Christoph Niemann.

If you missed his wonderful New York Times... art piece? Opinion blog? Really, it defies definition- please see it here. It's fantastic.

(it makes me want to enjoy riding the subway. Alas, I have the jaded heart of a 30-year-old, not the fresh young eyes of the under-5 set!)

Other winning titles from Greenwillow include:

Congratulations to everybody!

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