Monday, August 25, 2008

I Heart Fictional NY

So, my fiance and I are heading out yesterday to grab some lunch, and we find this outside our door:

Thinly veiled threat? Ransom note? Cryptic anagram? Who knows? I felt better when I realized these were directions for a Nerf gun, and not a semi-automatic rifle, but still. Coupled with this sign from our lobby (which I posted a few months ago):

... and you get a pretty good idea of what living in New York has meant to me, personally. And I haven't even shown you pictures of the 9-year old with the platinum mullet next door, the super's kids crouching under the stairs near the mailboxes, or the Little Mermaid-themed faux sitting room someone set up near the trash cans a few weeks back.

Ahh, if only I could live in Fictional New York, where the sheep roam free, and people eat ice cream and hang out by the library all the live-long day!

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