Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm on Staycation!

...minus the "-cation" bit. I've taken a week off from work to do some major painting for Bea Rocks the Flock.  I am trying to inject an air of fun to this week (even though, in all honesty, this is kinda my dream vacation anyway). So come! Take a look at what I've packed  in my rucksack for my staycation:


I've treated myself to 2 audiobooks for this week. Normally I limit
 myself to the usual NPR podcast suspects, but hey! I'm on staycation!

(I've got marathons on the brain, what can I say! 15 miles yesterday, baby!)


And I'm all set. Hey, I can indulge, I'm on staycation!


Not. I wear the same thing every day when I paint: paint-splattered tee (I rotate these), old jean skirt that doesn't button (nice), and the ugliest reindeer slippers you'll ever want to see. I didn't take a picture of them because I don't want to embarrass myself too much.

And that's all I need for a fun week at home! Maybe I'll hang some posters of Tahiti & Hawaii in the studio to trick myself.

So, see you in a week, everybody!

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