Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Weekend in Library Books

You know you're a nerd if... You return home at 11 am on a Saturday with 3 library books, a DVD about insects & a package of Red Vines and think to yourself, "This weekend is going to be AWESOME". Oh, and it was. Here's what I got:

a) This is the first book in a long while that got me right from the cover. I dunno, it just tickled me! Besides the clever yearbook format, I like that the model has a funny expression, and that she's pretty but not in an overly model-y kind of way.

b) Back when I worked at Greenwillow, it was open season when a new Last Apprentice manuscript came in. The ol' Xerox machine worked overtime those days, with everyone wanting their own copy. And I should know, my "office" was right next to the Xerox machines.
Anyhoo, somehow I missed this ms, but now I get to read it with illustrations! A rare treat.

But I haven't read either of those books yet, because I was too excited about this:

I LOVE THESE BOOKS. They are poetic, beautifully written, and fantastic adventure stories. If you attended Herm's & my engagement party, by any chance, you'll know from our Newlyweds-type quiz show that I want to name our first daughter Sapphire because of these books. Then you probably shouted at me, "That's a stripper name!", because that's what everyone seems to say. Well guess what, "Vicki" doesn't exactly scream "classy" at first blush either, but I made it work for me.

Moving on, I was first attracted to this series by the cover for Book 1:

This is a HarperCollins title, and I remember discussing this jacket back before it was a book (before my days at Greenwillow, too). By "discussing", I mean, OTHER people were discussing, while I was taking horribly unorganized "notes". This jacket was designed by Chris Stengel (now at Scholastic), and it struck me then that some people are passable and can function in their role as book designer (me), and some people elevate the profession into a true calling and an art (Chris). (and others). (too numerous to mention). 

Oh, and here's book 2. Also, the second book in the series is just as good (if not better?) than the first. I've been almost scared to read book 3, I love the first two so... but so far, so good!

Anyway, that was my weekend, in a nerdshell. How was yours?


Anonymous said...

Your book designs are great, too! Don't be so hard on yourself. These mermaid books do look good, though. I'll have to check them out.

Vicki said...

Well, thanks, Christina! Don't get me wrong- I enjoyed my job and I designed many jackets that I'm proud of. I just know my limitations, that's all!