Sunday, July 19, 2009

Week in Preview!

The hubsters and I are heading out of town this week for a cosmopolitan & chic trip to NYC! Since I don't want to leave anyone in a lurch ("Lordy, don't leave your lady in a lurch!") (Strangers With Candy fans, anyone?... Anyone?)- and since I don't know how to do this "remote-auto pilot-blog publishing" thing (do I look like Steve Jobs to you?) here is what I'm going to do. I'm going to break this post into Daily Doses, and it's up to you to restrain yourselves & only read a post a day. It's a Daily Dose, not a Daily Double! Then you won't have to go without for the week! 


Big news today folks, BIG NEWS! Big, FANTASTIC news!
I have a new book deal!!! My new picture book will be published by Dial! Oh, happy, happy day! I am over the moon with excitement, as I have always loved Dial's picture books. My trip to New York couldn't come at a better time, as I'll get to meet both my agent and my editor for the first time! Plus, how chic does that sound?!? I'm jetting to New York to meet with my agent and editor. Shopping at Bergdorfs? Dahling, I would LOVE to, but I do have to dash to lunch with my agent and editor. More to come on this news, for sure!!!


Um, yesterday was kind of a big news day for Victoria Jamieson Illustration. I think it should count for 2 days. I mean, my last 2 posts were about 1) my US Weekly subscription, and 2) the books I took out of the library. 


Funny story about the word "Wednesday"- I never misspell it now. I consider myself a fairly good speller, but for some reason I used to think it was spelled "Wednsday". So sure was I that I spelled it that way in my "thank you" email following my interview at HarperCollins many years ago. Boy, was I kicking myself all weekend, thinking I really blew my chances at my dream job! Luckily, I guess they didn't consider spelling to be all that important for a design job. *WEWH* (*see, I tried to misspell "whew" there).


Do you live in the greater Tampa/St. Petersburg area? Are you looking for a fun, imaginative party for your child? Look no further!

Joanne is a dear family friend, and I did these illustrations for her new business brochure. Storytelling at its finest!


Boy, this week just took forever, didn't it! 

Well, even though I have one new picture book in the bag, so to speak, this is not a profession wherein one can rest on their laurels. I am working up ideas for my new NEW picture book as we speak. I'm in the "inspiration" stage, and am reaching such new levels of nerdliness in my research that even I feel uncomfortable talking about it. Like, REALLLLY nerdy. Here are some of the tools of my current inspiration:

What in the WORLD? (Remember that feature from WORLD magazine?) Well, I'll won't spill the geek beans now, but later for sure.


This is exhausting. Why not watch this video starring a pug and my new city of Portland, Oregon? (Of course I don't know how to imbed videos into my blog! Do I look like Bill Gates to you?)


I think we've all earned ourselves a rest. I know it's my "I don't have to run day". See ya'll next Manic Monday!


Sarah said...

Congratulations on your book deal!

Nina Crittenden said...

Hooray for the book! Yahoo for the trip! Many congrats to you! I like the day by day blog format you have going here. How many popsicles did you have to consume to get to work on your new project??? Not that I have anything against it, mind you, but don't forget fudgesicles and dreamsicles!!!

Paul Hoppe said...

That's so cool!
Congrats Vicky!

Vicki said...

Thanks everybody! I WISH I ate all of those popsicles! The fruit juice staining would have ruined the aesthetics I was going for, though. Are dreamsicles the same as creamsicles? If so, I don't touch those things with a ten foot pole! Something about the dairy/citrus combo always grossed me out...

Kristi Valiant said...

Sweet! Congrats on the book deal, Vicki! Can't wait to hear about your posh meeting with your agent and editor...

tiger said...