Friday, July 31, 2009

Week in RE-view!

WHEW! Well, our whirlwind trip to the Big Apple is over and done with, and the heat has finally let up enough for me to do something other than whine about how hot it is- so here it is, the week in review!

First up, here's a photo of my agent and editor at our "Getting to Know You" lunch:

And here's a picture from that evening, when my agent and several of his extremely talented, all-around awesome & friendly illustrators got together for drinks:

What, you would like to see those pictures? Well, I would, too! Unfortunately, I am THE WORST when it comes to remembering to pull out the ol' camera when fun times are afoot. That's why I was fired from my high school position as Historian of the Keyettes club.

Some things I DID manage to document:

So, I agonized for several days about what to wear when meeting my agent & editor for the first time. I had to strike that all-important balance of classy, yet creative, but not CRAZY creative, but still sophisticated, and something that wouldn't show sweat stains on a summer day in New York. Not easy, when one's wardrobe is limited, to say the least. This is what I came up with. See, Mom- I think it's dressy enough.

Oddly enough, I also remembered to take some pictures at the wedding we were in town for! Aren't they a beautiful couple? Congrats, Max & Sophia!

It seemed like every time I turned around, I saw the Statue of Liberty. I don't remember seeing it that often when I lived in New York. When we were kids, my mom had us sell lemonade, and then we sent the proceeds to the Statue of Liberty (I guess they were refinishing it sometime in the 1980s?)- and I still feel a special kinship, like I have a tiny bit of ownership. Like, 75 cents worth. BTW, I thought of a great idea this morning- Statue of Liberty-shaped toothbrush! Fame and fortune, here I come!

Oh, and these are some paintings I did last week, as a wedding present to our dear friends Nicole & Keith. No, not the couple who got married this weekend- N & K actually got married a year ago. I like to make people sweat it out for their wedding gifts. Anyway, I finally gave them their pressies this week: (click for larger view)

Portraits of their dogs, Otto & Gilda Rednor. I think Otto came out much better, but I guess it's not like Gilda will really see the difference. Here they are in their framed glory:

And there you have it! A fun week of friends old and new- but I'm happy to be back in PDX, nose to the ol' drawing board.


Nina Crittenden said...

Otto and Gilda look fab! So glad you had a great NY trip! Your dental idea might just be your next brush with fame (Get it?)!!!

Vicki said...

"Brush with fame", I like it! At dinner I had another brainstorm (how did I not become a millionaire by the age of 20?) that it could be a musical toothbrush & play "My Country 'Tis of Teeth".

Sarah said...

Love the Otto and Gilda portraits. So cute. You really are a fantastic artist. :) Catie participated in her first lemonade stand last weekend with one of her neighborhood friends. I told your mom about this and she of course told me the story about you all raising money from your lemonade stand for the Statue of Liberty. Funny.

Anonymous said...

Those doggie portraits are GREAT! So funny, yet dignified...

Nicole said...

best wedding present ever. thanks vicki!

Vicki said...

Thanks, guys! And thanks, Nicole, for waiting patiently for a year for your wedding pressie.

Sarah, I hope you took pictures of Catie's entrepreneurial (*note: I thought gouache was the hardest word to spell. It isn't) debut! You know, I can really see her as a Fortune 500 president someday. I picture her in a little size 6x 3-piece suit.

Carina said...

Uh, some things "I" managed to document? I do believe I (as in not you) took the photo of you on the Highline. You're welcome. Too bad "I" was not at your editor lunch.

Boy, I sound snarky. On a lighter note, thanks for making me get almost as excited you over the Chicken Dance. I will be looking for it on bookshelves.

tiger said...