Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cleansing the palette

One of the "treats" I allowed myself in our move out west was throwing away my old paint palette. It was a tupperware lid, and I kept the container filled with an inch or so of water to keep the acrylics wet. It got pret-ty scary looking, to say the least. My new, real palette looked so pretty I just had to take a picture of it:

Which leads me to a question I often wonder about-- Which colors do you fellow illustrators lay down on your palette? For me, I work with white; 2 reds, a warm and a cool (cadmium light and alizarin); a warm and cool yellow (cadmium light and lemon); a warm and cool blue (cerulean and ultramarine); black; and Naples yellow, a very pale warm yellow, which I remember a RISD teacher telling us she often used in place of white, to keep the colors warmer. For this illustration, I also added burnt sienna and yellow ochre (on the right-hand side), which I usually keep to the under painting. But these colors got a little more play since I wanted to give the thank-you notes an old-timey feeling, like an old photograph:

From sketch:

... to finish!

(cropped more like this, though):


Kristi Valiant said...

I still have a few crazy old palettes with scary layers of paint, but since I'm doing everything digital now, I haven't pulled them out in awhile. Your new palette looks so clean and tidy, like it'll be a shame to get it messy; either that, or super fun to get it messy!

That is an adorable illustration of the two love birds, Vicki!

Mary Uhles said...

Love your birdie thankyous, especially the tropical drinks in their hands, you know what they say - a tropical drink in the hand is worth two on the beach blanket - or something like that;)

I know what you mean about having a new palette.... I clean mine off every few months and think wow why don't i do this more often! maybe i should buy a new one but mine is watercolor though so much easier to just clean. I use similar colors, though my biggies are burnt sienna, antwerp blue and paynes gray. I love antwerp blue, its got just enough green/yellow in it that it can be a sky or a shadow or a shady skin tone.

finally i have to say i agree with your previous post about missing drawing. I often feel that way... i'm considering starting a sketch a day challenge just to see if i can do it and keep the drawing hand limber.

Nina Crittenden said...

Oh, Vicki! You will be getting thank-you cards for your thank-you cards.... SO sweet! I liked the cleansing the palette pun! :)

Emilie B said...

Oh I love your work! It is wonderful!

Anonymous said...


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