Friday, April 3, 2009

Now with pic-a-tures!

Yay! Our stuff finally came out of storage! Meaning, I now have the download cord for the camera, and can now share the gems that have just been sitting there, like this one:

(Me eating my first Voodoo Donut, the Cap'n Crunch covered one. No, I haven't had the Maple Bacon one yet).

Or this one of Sharon, letting it all hang out. You'd think SHE was the one eating donuts.

But seriously, folks, let's cut the nonsense, because I have some REAL pictures to show you. I got my first copies of Bea Rocks the Flock today!!

With a real title page!

And a real dedication/copyright! Don't you love that eye-popping end paper? I love it!

And speaking of real, this made it really hit home. My first real REVIEW! From Kirkus! And I'm happy to say, it's really good! Thank you, Kirkus!

Tired of the repression inherent in the Rule of Sheepdom, "Sheep are not unique," Bea does as she likes. But she can only stand the flock's disapproval for so long before she decides to start a new life in the city. Although the city's distinctive inhabitants impress her at first, Bea has trouble finding a place that is just right for her, until she wins the "Most Unique" award at a dog show. Recognizing that the Rule of Sheepdom might be wrong, she enthusiastically returns to the flock to encourage them to pursue their own one-of-a-kind talents. Jamieson's message to "BEEEEEEEEEEEE yourself" is lightened by her riotously funny tongue-in-cheek acrylic illustrations. Bea's backpack contents will have readers chuckling, as will her attempts at fitting in in the Big Apple. A bright spring palette makes the white sheep pop off the pages...even more so when they decide to show their true colors. Paired with the recent Sylvie by Jennifer Sattler, this neatly addresses the issue of expressing yourself in the face of peer pressure. Who knew sheep had a wild side?"-Kirkus Reviews

Isn't that nice? I'm especially grateful for the "riotously funny" comment, so the next time someone tries to tell me one of my jokes isn't funny, I can just say, "Oh really? Because Kirkus Reviews finds me riotously funny. And what is your name, again?"


Nina Crittenden said...

Such a teriffic review! The book looks fab! Are you just beside yourself!?! Way to go! Are they in the bookstores yet? Fantastic!

Paul Hoppe said...

Congrats on a great review, and also on the Chinese edition! Very cool!

Kristi Valiant said...

Yay Vickie! Go Bea Go! Whoop!

I'll be checking bookstores for Bea.

Lauren Castillo said...

Hey, yay, great first review Vicki! Congratulations!! I am sure it is the first of many :)
And also, It cracks me up that your cats name is Sharon~~Too funny!!

Vicki said...

Thanks for the support, everybody!!

Anonymous said...

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